Back Again

April 04, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, we just up and took off for a few weeks of rest and relaxation. But now we’re back! See, we took this picture outside The Mikie Show Studios just before we went back in to start the next new show!

So watch this space, ’cause April is new show month!

Thanks again for your support.

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Hidden Joke

March 11, 2014

GeocachingOkay, it’s not that hidden and, heck, not really that funny. So why bring it up? Well, because it’s kind of hidden and it’s sort of funny which makes it: trivia!

Yes, The Mikie Show behind-the-scenes trivia-wiki has a new entry! We can’t wait to tell so here it is: Notice in episode sixty-eight when Mikie and Claude head off to a stream in the woods? At the beginning, near the Railway Diner, Claude says he saw a rabbit and a dog. When, after a long drive, he and Mikie arrive at the stream, Mikie notices a rabbit and a beat later, there’s the sound of a dog barking. So kind of sort of hidden and funny. Yay trivia!

Thanks again for your support.

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Guest Update

March 03, 2014

We like to keep track of our guests—in a good way. So check out clarinetist John Moses’ little video he was asked to do for Legere Reeds. We were honored to have John as a guest way back in episode seven (click here to listen, it’s a good one). Congratulations, John!

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Why Am I Stabbing Myself In The Head!?

February 22, 2014

Inicio_projecaoOkay, okay, I’m not really stabbing myself in the head. I mean, the pointy end is pointing the wrong direction, see? I’m actually stabbing my otherness in the head. Not sure why my otherness is wearing shoes but no matter, I’m still here in the real world, unstabbed.

There is a point to all this (sorry): there’s a new episode of The Mikie Show just outside the ether, waiting for your psyche to absorb! All you have to do is click the first two words of this post to head on over there, shoeless or not!

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February 08, 2014

Bobfahrer_DavosHi there. Just want to share our enthusiasm for the Olympic Games. It’s so much reality, so unpredictable, hurrah!

To help get you all in the mood we have a suggestion: click here to listen to episode eleven of The Mikie Show! In case you missed it, that episode we had the good fortune to interview two athletes from the Latvian Olympic track team. Turns out they train in our neighborhood during winter. We caught up with them prepping for the 2012 London Games. My favorite part was Dimitri’s description of what it feels like to enter the Olympic stadium with your country’s team during opening ceremonies (he represented Latvia in the 1500 meters in the 2008 Beijing games).

Okay, have a fun listen and and we hope you get to enjoy the winter games!Snowboarder

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Candy Discovered on Mars!

January 26, 2014

mars2sScientists are baffled by what appears to be candy showing up everywhere on Mars. That’s all they said, they were baffled. When asked what that meant, they said they were baffled by that as well. Reporters were subsequently baff…

“Hey, wait a minute, none of this true and you know it.”

Guess you’re right, just kidding, no candy on Mars. But there is a place not far from here that’s as sweet as can be: planet Internet, home to a new episode of The Mikie Show! Just click the sweetest word in the first sentence and get there before it’s all gone!

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Happy New Year!

January 06, 2014

CopenhagenLet us be the last to wish it. It’s only fair since we here at The Mikie Show tend to be some of the first to, ahem, start celebrating it.

So we hope you have had a joyous holiday season and are ready to ignore that list of New Year’s resolutions! I’ve already ignored two: get to bed on time and stop with the chocolate, already! Yes, we’ll be tired and a little plumper but we so look forward to getting our next show out soon! Thanks so much for all your support this past year!

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Thank You, Again!

December 23, 2013

Winter_solsticeWe’ve had another wonderful year and we want to thank you for helping us make that happen. In fact it’s been the best year ever as we’ve expanded our listenership to forty-five States, DC and seventy-seven countries! Hi ho Finland, Vanuatu, Ghana and Paraguay! On Kenya, Pakistan, li’l Andorra and Peru!

Without you, we’d be singing in the rain on a sunny day, waiting for Godot at the wrong stop, filling in the blanks with more blanks, so, yes, we thank you and wish you all a joyous holiday season.


Yours truly,

The Mikie Show

PS: We’re enjoying the season as well, see you in January with a new show!

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What To Do?

December 09, 2013

dreamstime_xs_34118678I know, listening for a half-hour, even to the best in first-rate entertainment like The Mikie Show, can be difficult. You gotta just sit there and listen? Stare at the walls or something? It’s a problem. But fear not, we’re here to help with a list of first-rate suggestions for listening to the show (some of these are what actual listeners have told us they do):

1. Sort stuff. Like photos, old emails, spices, anything will do. I sort my haunted pillows.

2. Tidy up. Dust bunnies usually get me through The News, then it’s folding paper towels for the remainder.

3. Cook. I can get in two meals per show!

4. Eat. It’s right after cooking!

5. Nightcap. Meaning: lights off, glass of wine, use us to pass out.

6. What’s so bad about staring off into space for a half-hour?

7. Drive. That’s right, it’s easy to get The Mikie Show in your car if you live in a town that doesn’t broadcast us on local radio. Just download a few shows (there’s a download button under the play arrow of every show), burn them to a cd and voila! (you can fit two shows on a CD and if your car can play mp3s, you can fit up to fifteen shows on a single CD)

8. Subscribe. You can subscribe to the podcast which will automatically put them on your mobile device (there’s a button on our home page for that). Then you can listen in the produce aisle or in the waiting room or on a train!

Hope this helps. See you soon with a new show!

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November 29, 2013

OnwardUpward and Onward Against the Wind to The Heights!

See why I just shortened that to “Onward.” It’s longish the other way. Yup, everything always gets shortened these days. Kind of a life, no?

So, not wanting to be left behind, we’ve just shortened an hour to a half-hour! I know, ur thinking: Holy cow that’s awesome!

But what does one do with that extra half-hour? Well, how about you click the tallest phrase in this post and climb that hilly spot of free-time-well-spent: the newest episode of The Mikie Show! Go ahead, you’ve got the time!

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