Behind the Scenes Eight

June 29, 2012

Let’s have another peek behind the curtain at The Mikie Show.

We like making up sounds so here’s a few you’ve heard recently: In episode fifty there is an extended scene with our dear friend Señor Glow. When Mikie arrives at the motel room in that scene, someone has left the TV on, so he turns it off. The clicking sound you hear for the TV power switch (it’s an old school TV) is actually Mikie clicking his mouth, like a giddyap.

Also in that scene there’s the sound of a shower curtain being forcefully pulled aside. That’s not really a shower curtain, it’s the sound of shoving about twenty empty hangers in my closet! (okay, there’s a little bit of curtain in there too).

What else, hmm, oh, one last thing in that scene: sometimes, when a certain location needs to be implied, instead of adding digital ambience to a studio recording, it’s easier to just record the real thing. Hence, when Señor Glow transports me outside the motel room, it’s an actual recording of me standing outside a door with the microphone placed inside the door.

You see how fun it is to experiment with sound? Why not try your own experiments! If you get a good one, send it in and we’ll do our best to use it on the show!

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