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How To Redeem Your Penny-A-Piece Coupons

First off, how come they’re not free?

We’d love to do that, but there’s a quirk in online payment services that will not allow you to checkout with a zero balance. There’s a workaround to this but it’s way complicated.

So what do I do?

We’re going with the honor system: if you buy a mug or a sticker (bumper or ovaline) at the Mikie Show Market, simply type MUG or STICKER into the coupon window when you checkout of our Music Store to receive your penny-a-piece discount. The catch is you must have selected at least two pieces of $0.79 music, otherwise your checkout balance will be zero or below (see above). Selecting more than two pieces is fine :)

If you buy a t shirt or a hat, enter TSHIRT or HAT in the coupon window when you checkout of the Music Store. The catch here is that you must select at least three pieces of $0.79 music to avoid a zero or less balance (see above again).

Remember, use the coupons when you check out of the Music Store, not the Market. These coupons are only good for one use. We’d like to give every time you shop in the market but that’s also really freaking complicated software-wise. If there’s a problem or any questions about using these coupons, don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

We love you for doing this, thanks a bunchy-bunch!

Let’s go to the Market!

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