Episode thirty, holy mackerel! Thirty is a lot if you’re counting episodes (not so much when counting bacteria but we’re not counting bacteria today). Why not join the celebration with me and my guest school superintendent Charla Argo-Wright. She is wonderful and has really interesting ideas about education. Plus, she implements those ideas in Hoonah, Alaska an island community of just over 800 mostly native people. This place is only reachable by boat or plane. And our friend, well, should I tell? No, he said, why ruin the surprise, but we do have an unannounced guest and find a little red box and there’s a quiz and some news and a sound play and I’m going for the record for the most instances of the word “and” in a sentence! I think it’s a good show, I hope you like it!

More on topics discussed in this episode: Hoonah School District, potlatch, cheese grater

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