Join us as we speak with newsman/publisher Ned Creighton. He drinks a lot but that’s okay, he’s in the news business. Nah, I’m kidding. He is a great newsman and a conscientious objector to irrational reporting. Well, he’s recently retired but that makes things all so much easier. We talk about running a newspaper (which he did) and reporting the news (he did that, too). There’s also a visit from, aw shucks, I just can’t ruin it for ya, you’ll just have to listen to find out. Let’s just say we have a new guest this episode. What else, hmm, there’s a quiz, I think, and some of our own news, and so much, I get worked up and start to choke up! That’s two ups at a time! So why not click the little arrow and find out what makes the world of independent radio so darned wonderful!

More on topics discussed in this episode: freedom of the press, Arizona Capitol Times, socks

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