Join us as we speak with fabulous violinist Abe Appleman. Besides a love of chamber music, his main gig is playing with the first fiddles in the Orchestra of The Metropolitan Opera in New York City. And he’s done that for the last thirty years. We talk about the joy of a musician’s life. And he agreed to play a little for us, and, even though it’s over a funky phone connection, it was worth it. Also, our old friend, um, do you really want me to tell? Nah, it’s better to be surprised. There’s a little news, of course, and how about this for a feature: a sound quiz! There’s so much more, I can’t bring myself to type it. Why is that? Remember, The Mikie Show absorbs quickly and is completely gluten free!
More on topics in this episode: Metropolitan Opera, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, clams

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