Hurray, another show about language! Join us as we learn every curse word there ever was! That’s not true, we just talk about language, but it’s with linguistic anthropologist Erin Debenport, Ph.D. She is working to save the Tiwa language spoken in the San Antonio pueblo of New Mexico. Unique to this research is that Ms. Debenport has to agree to keep her knowledge of their language a secret (even the pueblo’s name is a pseudonym). Very interesting. There’s also a quiz: test your hearing-to-brain connection and win your very own teaspoon of self-esteem! And, we have some news, and some other guests come by, but I forget their names; okay, it’s a secret for now, alright? Oh, it’s going to be such a blast and don’t forget, The Mikie Show keeps colors from fading, even in hot water!

More on topics discussed in this episode: pueblos, linguistic anthropology, bread crumbs

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