Hurrah, it’s another show about stuff I don’t know! Yes, this episode we speak with Sarah Mattson, planetary photographic cartographer, you know, I don’t really know what to call her, but she creates 3D terrain models of the surface of Mars. It’s scary realistic, because it is! These pictures are downloads from an orbiting camera like no other. Humans need to assemble them into beautiful 3D scenes from the planet’s surface. She also does the Moon. In fact that’s one of the camera’s pictures of the Martian surface right there on the left. We also want to thank Lujendra Ojha for popping up in our interview, he’s the person who first witnessed the picture of the erosion patterns on Mars that were all the buzz a few months ago. And if you listen closely, you’ll hear another member of this team, Christy Caudill, saying hi from behind her giant computer screens. Sadly, she has been surgically attached to her computer, but we brought her some snacks and stuff.

I know there’s more… Oh, we have a quiz! We always have a quiz! And there’s news. We always have news! And another guest comes by, unexpectedly! We always have a g… okay you get the idea, it’s that familiar half-hour of top-notch entertainment right here on Earth!

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