This episode we speak with percussionist extraordinaire, Gordon Gottlieb. He is an all-world multi-instrumentalist, and can play literally hundreds of percussion instruments, all mallets (like vibes and marimba) and is an amazing timpanist as well. We get him to bang on some stuff just to prove it. Recording? He’s played on at least 125 albums and hundreds of film scores and commercials. Then there’s the master classes around the world, touring with major orchestras and did we mention teaching at the Julliard School?

How do I follow that? By coming before it, that’s how! Yes, this episode features much more, for an incredibly low price, and if you call now… wait, where was I? Oh yes, we have a quiz and some news and there’s something going on next door, I think I’m going over there to find out what it is.

So why not click the little play arrow and head off to a land where banging on stuff is encouraged!

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