It’s a new episode the The Mikie Show! This time around we speak with Mary Hartman, Ph.D. A former dean of Douglass University, she is at the forefront of women’s education having founded the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Rutgers University. She has also written several books, one of which has altered how historians view the affect that changes in the family had on the political and economic history of Western civilization. Plus, she’s a dynamite ping-pong player! Okay, not sure about the ping-pong, but she’s so nice, it would figure, right?

And, we have a quiz, unique to the world of quizzes. And there’s some news you may have missed and a trip on a ferry with a Frenchman (don’t get that every day). Is that it? I was hoping to use the word “and” a few more times. There, I just did! And I don’t know why!


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More on topics discussed in this episode: women’s rights, family, shoelaces

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