It’s episode forty-six! Fresh on the heels of episode forty-five. Maybe not so fresh, it’s been a while, but what matters is, you’re here!

Yes, this episode we speak with Wake Wheeler, a Shamanic practitioner. He practices and teaches the traditions of the Q’ero, indigenous people of Peru. Truly a gentle soul. And I was surprised to find out how important textiles are to their beliefs and traditions.

There’s more things: We’re going to have a quiz (bet you never guessed that), and some news, and Mikie gets stuck under an underpass, who knows what can happen under an underpass… I see another guest drops by, but they’re not yet quite in focus. If you click the play arrow, though, everything will become clear, so go ahead, see for yourself!

More on topics in this episode: Q’ero people, back-strap loomrabbits

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