We return with episode fifty! Yes, your fiftieth show cocktail celebration can start right now! Let’s hope it also includes listening to the show!

It’s a good one, featuring an interview with Major Joe Da Silva, US Army. He’s done three tours in Iraq and was also in Afghanistan. Just having completed his Masters, he’s on his way back to West Point to teach (he is a West Point grad, class of 2002). We talk about the challenges of commanding, leadership and the soldiers he’s had the pleasure to serve with.

There’s also another guest coming by, but I lost the thing with his name on it, where did I put that… No matter, I’m sure he’ll show up named or not. Plus there’s a quiz and some news you’ll never find anywhere else! Why exclaim that? Because it’s news you’ll never find anywhere else! All that and more awaits you behind the little play arrow just below. Wait, do I hear ice clinking in a cocktail glass? I heart you!

More on topics in this show: West Point, Major, graham cracker,

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