Join us as we speak with paleoecologist extraordinaire, Margaret B. Davis. She is one of the world’s foremost scholars of palynology, a branch of paleoecology that interprets the history of Earth’s ecology through studying its pollen record. Specifically, trees. She’s brilliant and fun to speak with. And she explains how the pollen fossil record gives stark evidence that right now there are some dark clouds out there climate-wise; and that we need to address that in a serious and apolitical way.

There’s more. Why? ‘Cause it’s The Mikie Show, there’s always more!

Yes! We have a quiz and news from the outer galaxy! And a few guests that are a total surprise. At least to you they are! Just click the little play arrow and all your dreams about The Mikie Show episode fifty-one will come true!

More on topics in this show: palynology, climate change, dangling participles

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