We’re very excited to have a return visit from our dear friend Glenn Berger Ph.D. Yes, he’s back for another discussion about us, our minds, how we find our way through life’s ups and downs. Turns out the downs can be remedied with just a little help from, well, ourselves. It seems there’s a vibe to the universe (yes, that universe) that’s out there just waiting for us to get vibrating with. Don’t worry, he explains it better than I can.

And there’s more, packaged in a handy variety pack!  Like news and a quiz and another guest you may know of but he prefers I keep his name secret for now. And Mikie visits a bar! How unusual, that’s only the third time this week!

So why not click the little play arrow and rocket off to the galaxies of your mind where all the drinks are free!

More on topics in this show: attachment, magnetoencephalography, manhattan

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