This episode we speak with scholar, Lisa Castillo. Her interest is Afro-Brazilian culture. More specifically, the African diaspora of Brazil. It’s similar to the history of slavery here but there are significant differences, especially in how the original African culture and traditions of the slaves’ native land is still represented in Brazil today. She lives in Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil which is a very cool place, home to Candomblé and lots of Samba-ing. There’s other stuff, too: an unexpected guest arrives via the kitchen, we have a sound quiz, there’s news and Mikie attends an art opening! And that’s just the half of it! Okay, no, that’s more than half, more like three quarters, but if you click that little play arrow, that final quarter will be worth every penny!

More on topics discussed in this episode: slavery, Salvador, Bahia, wombat

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