Join us as we speak with Puppets Amongus, the coolest puppeteering troupe in all the land! Yes, we get to spend time with Matthew and Sarah Cotten, the heart and soul of Puppets Amongus. Because they are both originally visual artists, they bring a unique interpretation to puppetry and puppet design. Plus they’re about to head off to the World Puppet Carnival in Kazakhstan, that’s right Kazakhstan. Why there? Well why not tune in and find out! And we get to travel down to their playhouse and talk whilst mingling with their beautiful, funny and sometimes bizarre puppets.

There’s more: we repeat all the things we always do! Like a quiz and the news and, hmm, there’s a new “other” guest that shows up for a survey. Next time remind me not to answer the door. So why not click the play arrow and travel to a world where puppets live in harmony with all of us! And don’t forget, The Mikie Show prevents cavities!

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