Hopi quiltWoo boy another big show comes your way! This time we speak with historian, curator, author and lecturer, Carolyn O’Bagy Davis. Credited with almost singlehandedly raising the art of quilting to archaeological, historical and academic status, she has written twelve books, many of which are about quilting and the amazing women who made them. She specializes in Hopi quilts, but has also recounted the lives of other fascinating quilt makers in American history.

There’s so much more! Yes, we have a quiz you’ll never get! And some news you’ll never get! And another guest comes by in a sneaky sort of way! I don’t get him either! And Mikie goes to the airport! What a line-up! What a lot of exclamation points!

Just click the little play arrow and enjoy twenty-eight minutes of patched together entertainment!

More on topics discussed in this show: Quilting, Hopi people, cupcakes

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