chicoIt’s time for the sixty-sixth iteration of the The Mikie Show! Note that’s iterable not irritable, there’s a diff. Yes, join us for a visit with Tammy Mockbee and Amy Armour, a.k.a.  Little Hooves & Big Hearts, a non-profit in Arizona that uses equine therapy to help kids with disabilities, seniors and those in hospice care. It’s truly amazing what these little critters can do! Plus Mikie gets to walk with Chico, one of their ace therapists! And there’s a quiz and news as well. And another super-magical dude stops by. Can’t remember the name, you’ll have to tune in to find out. Just click the little play arrow and trot on over to a special trail of first-rate entertainment!

More about the topics in this show: equine therapy, miniature horses, magic tricks

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