Facility Updates

August 13, 2012

Hey there. Just want to give a heads up that two of our affiliate radio stations are celebrating recent upgrades.

First, community radio WITT, Indianapolis/Zionsville has a new transmitter! They no longer have to use their strange alien tongue to communicate! Now it’s so easy to understand them instead of trying to figure out what “glip folga skrimpf” means!



Next is public radio KUT in Austin, TX. They have brand new studios on the UT campus and we are very excited about it. Now they no longer have to broadcast The Mikie Show from the ladies restroom! Congratulations!



Speaking of donations :), if you’re feeling a little flush, public radio can always use your support. Why not click over to WITT or KUT or both and give a little love to the kind of radio we all love.

Thanks a bunchy-bunch!

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