Ins And Outs

March 4, 2013

8-cell-simpleYup, there’s a lot going on here behind the scenes at The Mikie Show. Just thought we’d let you in on it. Get the word out, that sort of thing. First off, did you know that Mikie writes and performs all the music on the show?* It’s true, and our interviews are actually scored to the music. We turned the process inside out just as an experiment early on and decided it was more fun that way.

Some of you have asked to know more about Mikie. That’ll have to wait for now but we’re pretty sure you’ve heard him outside of the show music-wise. And don’t forget that a major clue to the sound quiz is always hidden in the show’s post tags. One last thing, we really are out in the middle of nowhere, a small town perched in the high desert, in a studio made of straw bales, surrounded by coyotes and jack rabbits! See you soon with a new show!

*save episodes one and ten, those programs featured the music of our guest.



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