Leeks Found To Be Solid After All!

August 20, 2012

Recently, there was some concern among scientists that leeks were impossible to use in soup since, well, how can you have a soup with leaks? They soon discovered that leeks were solid and would not make a mess all over everything. Yes, a leek doesn’t leak, it just sounds like it does!

What has this got to do with The Mikie Show? Turns out there’s lots of things in the show that sound like one thing but are actually something else. Take the sound of Tom the Scott getting down from a tree in Episode 52, Glenn. That’s just a recording of a rustling shrub, slowed down twig snapping and a couple of boulders being dropped on the ground.

As far as real sounds being what they are, any time you hear thunder or rain in the show, those sounds are real and are all recorded right outside our studio door. Yep, we have awesome thunder storms here and never miss a chance to record them no matter the hour!

Sew, now ewe have sum knew Mikie Show lore! Isn’t that suite? Wheel have moor from thyme two thyme. Until wee meat again!

Thanks four you’re support!

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