Mmm, Creamy!

April 29, 2014

semlaDoesn’t that look good? I just want take a big bite and smear that cream all over my face and… oops, didn’t see you there. I kind of get a craving every now and then for, you know, soft, sweet, hi-calorie awesomeness stuffed inside an incredibly tasty… argh, there we go again.

But we all have cravings, right? In fact, I know one of yours: new episodes of The Mikie Show, am I right? We hope!

Just in case, to satisfy all that pent up yearning for more first-class entertainment, we’ve posted a new episode for you to bite into and lather all over yourself with and… uhm, sorry, just calmly click the best word in the first sentence and slowly link over to the creamy part of the internet.

Then chow down on a new episode!

Thanks so much for your support.

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