New DNA Discovered!

August 31, 2013

pasta typico

Okay, just having a little fun here. We all know that’s not a picture of DNA, it’s RNA!

No? Okay, I lied, it’s BLT!

Enough already?

Alright, it’s pasta! We all love it, am I right? Did you know that noodle spelled backwards is eldoon, great hero of Iberia? No, that’s not true, the Iberia part, I mean.

BTW, here’s another fun fact that’ll just make your day: there’s a new episode of The Mikie Show ready to be boiled, strained and smothered in your favorite sauce! Yessiree, just click the first sentence of this post and head over to our virtual stove, lift the lid and take a whiff of the best in first-rate entertainment!

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