February 8, 2014

Bobfahrer_DavosHi there. Just want to share our enthusiasm for the Olympic Games. It’s so much reality, so unpredictable, hurrah!

To help get you all in the mood we have a suggestion: click here to listen to episode eleven of The Mikie Show! In case you missed it, that episode we had the good fortune to interview two athletes from the Latvian Olympic track team. Turns out they train in our neighborhood during winter. We caught up with them prepping for the 2012 London Games. My favorite part was Dimitri’s description of what it feels like to enter the Olympic stadium with your country’s team during opening ceremonies (he represented Latvia in the 1500 meters in the 2008 Beijing games).

Okay, have a fun listen and and we hope you get to enjoy the winter games!Snowboarder

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