Something New at The Mikie Show!

January 2, 2013

Yes, we have a new feature for the new year! Now, in addition to listening to our show, you can enjoy listening to the music from episodes of The Mikie Show!

We’ve added a new button to each show’s post that will pop up a playlist of the music from that show. Now you can surf or cook or take a little drive with a soundtrack! You’ll see the button just above the show player. (thanks to Simon Ward for the plugin and to master coder Duncan O’Neill for making it work).

We’ll be getting all the episode playlists done over the next few weeks so check back until you’ve listened to every show. It’s only about nineteen hours of music! Just click over to the “Listen To The Show” tab and dig in!

Note: some of this music is a little weird so we suggest you do something weird while listening. For instance I found myself stacking my recyclables in sell-by-date order! That’s weird!

Here’s a pic of where you’ll find the playlist button:

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