Let’s Go Back And Listen To Some Past Shows!

Ever wonder about a day in the life of a District Attorney? Got that (episode 19) or, if you like, a defense attorney (47), even an undercover cop (65). How about the producer of REM and Nirvana? Got that, too (episode 10). How about a worm farmer or a mathematician? Those would be episodes 18 and 26, respectively. Need an orthopedist? We’ve got one! (57) Oh, there’s so much more. We’ve got ghostwriters (32) and plain ole authors (56, 58, 62)and mining truck drivers (9) and screenwriters (4) and behaviorists (36). There’s even a scholar from Brazil (53). A newspaperman (35) and a Mars explorerist! That’s not a word but it’s what she does! (episode 43). Speaking of science, check out 48 and 49!

Army Officer and Internationalist, our fiftieth will suffice! Like Roller Derby? Check out episode 41! Naturopaths your thing? (31) How about musicians (7223744, 61) or music promotors (55) or dancers (64, 403427), puppeteers (54) or shamanic practitioners (46). Here’s one: research methodologist turned saver of wildlife (69)!

One of my favs: manufacturer of cool audio gear (71). Let’s not forget graphologists (6) or DJists (1), gardeners (2), sound designers (8), Olympic athletes (11), firefighters (15), educators (3045), documentarian/humanitarian (2833). Planetary Astronomer, no problemo. (73). Psychotherapist? Forget about it, baby (5202942, 52, 63, 67, 72). How about equine therapists (66)?  Airline pilot (12). Like the movies? Check out a costume designer (3). Then there’s charitable works (14), anthropologists (2338), philosophers (16, 68), a poet (70), shoemakers (17), actors (21). Paleoecologists ring a bell? Answer that call with episode 51! How about a B&B operator who also does many other things (13). Why not relax with a Cold War warrior tonight (39) or a toy store proprietor (24)? Curious about watchmakers (59)? Or try a law professor, cabinet minister and rights advocate all in one (60)! Like trees? Number 25 is for you!

Wait, that’s every show. I’m goin’ for it!

And as a bonus, every episode features original music and our host, Mikie, bringing you the latest news, quizzes (just think, now you’ll get every one right) and other guests you’ve come to love. Yes, we’ll all be there, we’re always there, just a click away. Phew, that is one long post. Talk soon, thanks for your support!

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