Rare Big-Eyed Nocturnal Animal Witnessed!

February 16, 2012

Yes, last Thursday evening a couple was strolling near their neighborhood pond when, yowza, up popped this thing! Scientists say it’s rare for these little critters to show up around that time of evening. No one knows exactly what the elusive creatures look like but, based on his own nighttime observations, a local artist has provided us with the sketch on the right.

Speaking of not knowing, in case you didn’t know, there’ll be a new show next week! We’ll be speaking with a very talented science writer and, hopefully, she’ll be able to fill us in some more about that little guy up there!

Sorry, only half of that is true. Yes, we have a very talented science writer as our guest next week but, no, that’s actually a picture of a, well, just hover your mouse over the photo for a sec and you’ll find out. See you next week with a new show!

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