We’re Back!

January 11, 2012

Yes, we’ve reverse flown the coop. After a sweet holiday break, we’re back in the studio. No, don’t cue that zombie music, this is the good kind of “we’re back.” Yes, we had a wonderful time lolling about the house, moving from room to room, occasionally stepping outside, what could be more fun!

But now it’s time to return to the thing that makes us all happy around here, a new episo… hold on, there’s something we have to straighten out first.

See that post down there—two posts down, just below the toast. Yeah, well, in paragraph one, we mention the new show coming January 10th. We meant to say January 11th. January 10th is when the show is actually finished but contractual agreements require us to post the show on Wednesday.

Okay, that’s not true. We just misread the date in our little cal software. Oy. So we blew that one. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Wait, today is January 11th. Hey, that means we’ve posted the show. Holy cow, it’s posted! Yes, just click the action phrase in the previous sentence and travel to the return of The Mikie Show, where everything happens on time!

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