What To Do?

December 9, 2013

dreamstime_xs_34118678I know, listening for a half-hour, even to the best in first-rate entertainment like The Mikie Show, can be difficult. You gotta just sit there and listen? Stare at the walls or something? It’s a problem. But fear not, we’re here to help with a list of first-rate suggestions for listening to the show (some of these are what actual listeners have told us they do):

1. Sort stuff. Like photos, old emails, spices, anything will do. I sort my haunted pillows.

2. Tidy up. Dust bunnies usually get me through The News, then it’s folding paper towels for the remainder.

3. Cook. I can get in two meals per show!

4. Eat. It’s right after cooking!

5. Nightcap. Meaning: lights off, glass of wine, use us to pass out.

6. What’s so bad about staring off into space for a half-hour?

7. Drive. That’s right, it’s easy to get The Mikie Show in your car if you live in a town that doesn’t broadcast us on local radio. Just download a few shows (there’s a download button under the play arrow of every show), burn them to a cd and voila! (you can fit two shows on a CD and if your car can play mp3s, you can fit up to fifteen shows on a single CD)

8. Subscribe. You can subscribe to the podcast which will automatically put them on your mobile device (there’s a button on our home page for that). Then you can listen in the produce aisle or in the waiting room or on a train!

Hope this helps. See you soon with a new show!

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