Where’s Mikie?

February 24, 2015

600px-Astronaut-EVAYou know, I’ve been wondering that myself! After all, it’s been almost four months so you’d think that by now there would be a new show. Well, since I’m Mikie, I have the answer: I got sick, as in very sick, like you’d better drop everything and deal with this or … well, let’s not go there. Yup, we’ve been doing battle with, how can I put this, the “c” word. I’m confident that we’ll manage but it’s going to take a lot of effort.
So we’ve had to take a break but it won’t last forever (unlike me, ha! Sorry, cancer jokes are so tempting these days). I’m going to try to return this Spring when we get more information about the, you know, disease.
Just wanted to let you all know because I love you all and thought, since you’re listeners, you’d like to know.
I mean, we never really thought we’d last five years, the show that is (ba da boom, there’s another one!), but thanks to you, we’re still here (oh please, make it stop!).
So to all of you out there around the world, now’s a good time to catch up on your Mikie Show playlist; but don’t put it off for too long, we’ll be back with another show before you know it!
Thanks so much for your support.
Love and Peace,


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