June 6, 2014

whooIt’s been a while since we talked. I mean posted. Talking is posting these days. Posting used to mean mailing something.

It’s inevitable, verbs change their meanings. Not by themselves, mind you, ha, a verb isn’t alive with a brain. Sheesh.

Predicates, too. “I went home” means what, exactly?

Okay, back to Whoo. What’s up with that headline? Doesn’t “whoo!” mean you’re happy? So we’re happy we haven’t talked?

No, we whoo not about being out of touch, we whoo about being back in touch! See, it’s a new meaning to touch but not whoo!


And so to celebrate, we’ve posted a new episode of The Mikie Show that you can access with a click of a mouse (really?) or by using your touchscreen! Just click the fourth word of the fourth paragraph and you’ll happily find first-rate entertainment’s best new meaning: a new episode of The Mikie Show!

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